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Life in the Academic Center, 7 months later.

By: Wesley Holmes

APU employees moved into the Academic Center in December of 2010. The new 45,000 sqft high efficiency building offers substantial changes from most employees’ previous accommodations, many of whom were relocated from one of APU’s many historic properties across Charles Town. When APU began operations in Charles Town, these preserved and restored historic properties offered unique and sustainable alternatives to new construction. Initially designed as homes and commercial properties they also offered a distinctly different work environment than modern office facilities.… Read the rest

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2010 State of the Nations Housing Report: Crash in new home development provides opportunity for existing home efficiency upgrades.

By: Wesley Holmes

One of the principle concepts of sustainable development is to avoid devouring unspoiled landscape and find ways to make our existing infrastructure more efficient and affordable. To avoid the continued decline of natural habitat and ecosystem services it is becoming increasingly necessary to take a fresh look at the homes we have already built and try to make them more affordable and attractive to first time home buyers. A new report, issued by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, finds that the weak economy coupled with an increase in government programs to support home renovation and first time homebuyers have made sustainable re-development the most promising growth sector in the housing market.… Read the rest

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Commissioning of Building Energy Systems

By: Wesley Holmes

EA Prerequisite 1: Fundamental Commissioning of Building Energy Systems -Required

Intent- To verify that the project’s energy-related systems are installed, and calibrated to perform according to the owner’s project requirements, basis of design and construction documents.


EA Credit 3: Enhanced Commissioning – 2 Points

Intent- To begin the commissioning process early in the design process and execute additional activities after systems performance verification is completed.

Recently the Academic Center project achieved a milestone with the setting of the last steel girder.… Read the rest

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